How it all Started...

Founded in 2022 by Ms Elfin Ng, an educator with 20 years of experience working with children, she established stART Studio as the place to begin art for the young and old alike.


Our Story

Our story begins with Ms Elfin Ng, who through her own exploration, started her art journey and discovered the therapeutic benefits of the creative process.


Motivated by this revelation, she started her journey to offer holistic art education to promote confidence and emotional well-being for all ages.


The studio goes beyond traditional art education. Through a supportive environment, individuals both young and old, can unlock their creative potential, boost self-esteem, and experience the joy of artistic expression.


This transformative journey is where art becomes a powerful tool for building confidence, calmness, and emotional well-being.

Ms Elfin Painting umbrella

Our Core Message

We embrace the Art of Parenting, Growth Mindset and Therapeutic Art;

   “Crafting Confidence, One Brushstroke at a Time.”

Our Mission

We empower children by fostering emotional well-being, confidence and resilience through innovative programs that integrate therapeutic art, growth mindset strategies, and practical counselling. 


We are dedicated to being the ultimate partner for parents, providing holistic and nurturing environments that facilitate every child's development and growth.

Our Vision

To be the leading partner in the parenting journey, recognized for our commitment to enhancing children's emotional health and personal growth.


We envision a world where every child is confident, resilient, and equipped with the emotional tools to thrive, supported by engaged and empowered parents.

Our Values

We believe in nurturing the whole child, addressing emotional, social and cognitive development through a comprehensive approach. 


We approach every child and family with empathy, understanding, and a genuine commitment to their well-being. 

Our Teaching Approach (The EFG)

Our program is designed to create a supportive and enriching environment for your child's emotional well-being. Here's how:


Art of parenting painting session

Embrace the Art of Parenting

At stART Studio, we understand that parenting is an art in itself.


That's why we embrace the art of parenting, providing a supportive and therapeutic environment where children and parents can engage in the creative process together.


Our studio becomes a bridge, fostering deeper connections between families through shared artistic experiences.

Foster Resilience

In the realm of creativity, resilience is an inherent companion. stART Studio recognizes the challenges children face, and we use art as a tool to instill resilience.


Whether faced with a blank canvas or life's uncertainties, we teach children to adapt, learn, and find beauty in the process of overcoming obstacles.


Art becomes a metaphor for resilience—a tangible reminder that setbacks can be transformed into opportunities for growth.

Boy painting on canvas at art studio
Growth mindset painting ice-cream

Growth Mindset

We instil a growth mindset, fostering a love for learning and a positive outlook on overcoming obstacles.


Through art and coaching, we empower children to discover and embrace their strengths, boosting their self-confidence.


Our approach encourages self-expression, allowing your child to communicate thoughts and feelings creatively.

The Benefits of Attending Our Art Sessions

Unmatched Flexibility

We are committed to meeting the diverse needs and desires of parents. We understand that every child is unique, and that's why our programs are designed to accommodate various interests, skill levels, and schedules. 

Access to all Programs

Our flexible packages allow you to mix and match across the Skills-in-ART and Explorer ART programs to create a personalized artistic journey that suits your child's preferences and goals. Our packages are also transferable: allowing siblings, friends, parents, and even grandparents to share the enriching experience together.

No Hidden Fees

Rest assured there are no hidden fees. We believe that every child deserves a hassle-free and immersive art experience, that's why we provide all the necessary art materials like paints, brushes, canvases, and sculpting tools.

Dedicated Growth Coach

Our experienced Growth Coaches are compassionate mentors who inspire, guide and empower young minds. With their expert guidance and individualized attention, your child will receive the support they need to thrive artistically and build a strong foundation for future growth.

No Prior Experience Required

No prior art experience or skills are required to participate in our activities. The focus is on the process of creating art and using it as a tool for self-expression and exploration.

Therapeutic Environment

A safe space for self-expression and personal growth. Its beneficial in addressing mental health issues by allowing individuals to externalize internal struggles, gain insights, and develop coping mechanisms, ultimately fostering healing and well-being.

Teacher guiding girl with painting
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