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Family sitting around together and chatting

Make This Your Number 1 Goal

Alright, let’s talk about something crucial for parents-understanding your child. It’s like Parenting 101, and it’s a game-changer in being a winning guide for your kid as they grow up. Remember, your child’s unique personality will stick around for life. One way to unravel the essence of your child is to observe them in their […]

Boy smiling as he look at his chore chart

Track Wins with Chore Chart

Ever found yourself in the repetitive cycle of reminding your child to tackle their chores, feeling like your words bounce off them like a conversation with a brick wall? It’s a common parenting challenge, but fear not-the superhero of solutions emerges: the chore chart. Imagine it as a strategic game plan for accomplishing tasks around […]

Boy doing thumbs up with snowflakes background

Embrace Individuality: It’s Your Thing!

Much like the intricate patterns of snowflakes and the distinctiveness of fingerprints, every child is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, uniquely wired to feel, think, and resonate with the world. The canvas of childhood is painted with beautiful diversity-some children exude quiet introspection, while others radiate the infectious energy of the life of the party. Some are […]

Girl giving thumbs up beside painting

What’s the big deal with Self-Esteem?

So, what’s the deal with self-esteem, right? Well, they say kids pick up on what’s around them. If you want to help your child rock some positive self-vibes, start by flaunting your own self-love and confidence, becoming a beacon for a vibrant self-image. Lead by example, showcasing your own self-love and confidence, emphasising the admiration […]

Banning of dad saying 'Because I said so'

More Than Just “Because I Said So”

Let’s talk about rules and why they matter. Kids, fuelled by natural curiosity, seek understanding from a young age. As they grow, it becomes crucial to convey not only the rules themselves but also the reasoning behind them. Regardless of age, the key is ensuring that your child comprehends the rules at home, recognizing there’s […]

Painting of mother hugging daughter

Your Child Needs You

Connecting with your kids requires the art of being a good listener and communicator. It’s common to feel a disconnect, but acknowledging and addressing your child’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions is essential for successful parenting. Embrace the art of active listening, providing a platform for open discussions and fostering a deeper connection with your child. […]

Asian boy looking angsty as dad looks on behind

Parenting a Feisty Child Through Artful Connection

Dealing with a strong-willed child can be a real challenge, right? Try correcting a defiant 12-year-old. It can be a tough nut to crack. You will probably have her goes all out defending her point, and things often end up in a full-blown yelling match. If parents don’t see eye to eye, she feels unheard, […]

Smiling mom carrying & hugging daughter

Choosing the Right Parenting Style

Meet Angie. She grew up with parents who were super strict, always on her case. They didn’t care much about how she felt and weren’t big on empathy or understanding. If she was even five minutes late, they’d come down on her hard, using yelling and hitting as their go-to punishments. Angie, despite being a […]

Parenting having conversation with daughters in cafe

Keeping the Conversation Flowing with Your Teen

Effective communication with your teen is a significant aspect of parenting, and incorporating art can add a creative dimension to your interactions. As children transition into adolescence, they often pull away and engage more with friends, creating a natural distance within the family. Acknowledging this phase is essential, and integrating art into your communication strategies […]

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