What’s the big deal with Self-Esteem?

Girl giving thumbs up beside painting

So, what's the deal with self-esteem, right? Well, they say kids pick up on what's around them. If you want to help your child rock some positive self-vibes, start by flaunting your own self-love and confidence, becoming a beacon for a vibrant self-image. Lead by example, showcasing your own self-love and confidence, emphasising the admiration for taking pride in one's abilities.

In daily interactions, infuse art by showering honest and upbeat compliments on your child, celebrating their achievements, no matter how small. Create an environment that fosters open dialogue, free from judgment or criticism, allowing your child to turn to you for heartfelt conversations in moments of distress. Encourage goal-setting early on, starting with small projects aligned with their abilities, and praise them throughout the journey to instil a sense of capability and achievement.

Express love as an art form, showering your child with "I love you" vibes daily, multiple times, even in moments of mistake, reinforcing that your affection extends beyond their actions. Through this approach, cultivate an environment where positive vibes, open communication, and expressions of love become integral elements, nurturing a foundation of self-worth and confidence.

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