Nurture your Inner Artist through our creative Explorer Art activities.


Enjoyable Art Activities that will Engage Your Child

Excellent Alternative to Arcade or Screen Play

Attend A Unique Artistic Experience:

Instead of opting for game arcades or other high-energy options, why not consider bringing them to stART Studio for an artistic experience?


Our DROP-IN Art sessions are thoughtfully crafted to facilitate a connection between parents and children, offering a space to unwind and nurture mental well-being together.


Nevertheless, we'd like to address some common concerns parents might have and explain why our DROP-IN Art sessions can serve as an excellent alternative.

Boy holding painted figurine

The Challenges of Trying to Engage a Child

Some common issues:

Crabs underwater painting
  • Limited Quality Time:

    Busy schedules often leave parents with limited quality time to spend with their children.

  • Stressful School Week:

    Children endure the pressures of a demanding school week, needing a space to unwind.

  • Screen Time Overload:

    Excessive screen time can hinder children's creativity and emotional well-being.

  • Lack of Mindful Activities:

    Finding activities that help children relax, build confidence, and enhance mental well-being can be challenging.

What are the Benefits of DROP-IN Art Sessions?

Here are some examples:

Quality Bonding Time

Our sessions provide a dedicated space for parents and children to connect, communicate, and create together.

Stress Relief

Therapeutic Art is a calming and meditative experience, ideal for unwinding after a long school week.

Screen-Free Zone

Encourage a break from screens and promote creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

Mental Well-Being

Engaging in art can boost children's self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and foster a positive self-image.

Skills Development

Participants will learn valuable art techniques and develop problem-solving skills.

Confidence Building

Completing art projects can instil a sense of accomplishment and confidence in children.

Some more reasons to join our Drop-In Art sessions:

  • Elevate Personal Growth and Mental Wellbeing with Therapeutic ART at stART Studio.
  • Embrace Fun and Relaxation as an Arcade Game Alternative.
  • Experience Interactive, Engaging ART Sessions for Optimal Wellbeing.
  • Build Confidence and Connection.
  • Welcome both Adults and Children.
  • A unique opportunity for family bonding if you choose to do it together with your child.
Girl holding painted umbrella

Our Drop-in-ART Pricelist

Each ART Package is $480 for 10 units.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. To be completed within six (6) months.
  2. These units serve as a form of currency within stART Studio.
  3. Each art activity has a corresponding unit value associated with it.
  4. The value in units will be subtracted from the total unit balance.
  5. Any family member (child, sibling, parents, grandparents) can access a variety of art programs.
  6. Based on your preferences and needs.
  7. It can be for personal or event (eg. birthdays) usage in exchange for the units of the same package.
  8. The dollar value stated below is the retail price for each of the activities listed.
  9. For members who bought the ART package, we will base it on the credit unit instead.
  10. 1 hour per activity. $15 per extended hour after the 1st hour.
  11. Activity not completed on the same day will require the same corresponding unit on the following session to continue working on it.
  12. Skills-in-ART Painting will use 1 unit per lesson hour and Growth ART Coaching will use 2 units per lesson hour.
Quarter Unit

$15 / Activity

  • Drawstring Pouch Drawing
  • Oven-Baked Art
  • Pebble Drawing
  • Tiny Beads by nos.
Half Unit

$30 / Activity

  • Art Jamming 4pc (5x5)cm
  • Figurine Painting
  • Umbrella Painting
  • Canvas Bag Drawing
Three-Quarter Unit

$45 / Activity

  • Art Jamming (15x15)cm
  • Candle Decoupage
  • T-shirt Painting
  • Canvas Bag Painting
Full Unit

$60 / Activity

  • Art Jamming (20x30)cm
  • Pour Art
  • Texture Art
  • Broken Marble Art


Location: stART Studio @ Bukit Timah Plaza #B1-06 (same level as NTUC)

Time: Daily 10am to 7pm

Cost: $15 to $60

Materials: All art supplies will be provided

We invite you to join us for an enriching and memorable experience at stART Studio.

Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey of creativity, relaxation, and connection with your child.

For bookings or inquiries, please contact us at 8751 6850 or email us at hello@startstudio.sg

Let's create beautiful memories together through art.We look forward to welcoming you to stART Studio!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at elfin@startstudio.sg

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