Nurture Budding Artists through Building Fundamental Skills in Art.


Unleash the Artistic Skills in Your Child through


                 One Brushstroke at a Time.   

Deer silhouette painting

Unleash the boundless creativity within your child with the ultimate Masterpiece Makers Art Class @ stART Studio.

At start studio, we are dedicated to using art as a therapeutic tool, transforming acrylic painting on canvas into a captivating journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement.


Embark on a transformative experience where children not only express themselves through vibrant drawings but also master essential artistic skills.


From the intricacies of drawing and understanding color theory to perfecting composition, playing with light and shadow, exploring texture, nailing proportions, and mastering brushwork & techniques - our immersive art classes cover it all.

Learn the Importance of Building Fundamental Art Skills

In the world of art, there are several fundamental skills that children can learn to develop a strong artistic foundation.


From mastering brush techniques to exploring different styles and mediums, this program offers a comprehensive learning experience.


Our skilled instructors create a supportive environment where children not only refine their painting skills but also gain a deeper appreciation for the art of painting itself.

Two swans waterfall painting

Example of these skills are:

Boy drawing dragon on art paper

Drawing Skills

Drawing through making marks on various surfaces using various implements.

Sunset painting based on color wheel principles

Color Theory

Understand how color complement each other based on the color wheel principles.

Northern lights effect behind forest silhouette painting


Mastering composition techniques such as rule of thirds can make or break an artwork.

Red apple still life painting

Light & Shadow

Develop fundamental groundings on how light affects the realism of a masterpiece.

Textured art of beach


Using texture to enhance depth can evoke interest and emotions in an art piece.

Airplane sunset window view of flight wing


Understanding perspective and dimensions by applying the correct proportions in layout.

Man painting with brushstroke technique

Brushstroke & Techniques

Learning to apply the correct brushstroke techniques.

Boy observing picture on mobile phone to draw


Training to observe objects the eyes see rather than preconceived ideas of the mind.

By learning these fundamental skills, children gain confidence in their artistic abilities and expand their creative horizons. 

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