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Our Therapeutic Art sessions are open to 3 age groups 

a) children aged 5 to 12 where parents will be invited in for 10 mins when we conclude the lesson at the debrief. Your presence will ignite your child’s artistic journey, gain invaluable insights into their progress and uncover their hidden strengths and weaknesses by joining them at the debrief section. It's an empowering experience that allows you to witness their growth firsthand and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

b) teens aged 13 to 18 will attend session on their own without parents

c) adults aged >19 will attend lesson outside studio peak hours

Each session of our Therapeutic Art program lasts for 1 hour, providing ample time for creative exploration and expression.

sTART Studio embodies the Art of Parenting to provide children an outlet to have better communication, learn to stop fighting and begin listening to others. We do that through Therapeutic Art which offers numerous benefits for children, including emotional expression, stress reduction, improved self-esteem, enhanced problem-solving skills, increased creativity, special focus on better communication, understanding points of view of others, and learning to express emotions appropriately.

sTART Studio is operated by experienced growth coaches who are trained in therapeutic art techniques and have a deep understanding of child development.

We provide all the necessary art materials and supplies for the sessions. Parents do not need to purchase any additional materials.

Yes, we have a well-designed curriculum that focuses on nurturing creativity, emotional well-being, and personal growth through engaging art activities tailored to the age group.

Yes, we believe in celebrating and recognizing the artistic achievements of our young participants. We organize art exhibitions or showcases where children can proudly display their artworks.

No prior art experience is required. Our Therapeutic Art program is designed to be inclusive and suitable for children of all skill levels and backgrounds.

We focus on the process of creating art rather than strict assessments. However, our growth coaches observe and provide individual feedback to each child, nurturing their artistic development and personal growth.

Yes, we maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and foster a supportive environment. The maximum number of students per session is 6.

Our program fee covers all the necessary materials and supplies. There are no additional hidden fees or expenses.

We have a flexible cancellation policy. If your child cannot attend a session, please inform us 24 hours in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate a makeup session.

To create a focused and distraction-free environment for the children, we encourage parents to wait outside the foyer during the art sessions. And to only come in when we are ready to receive parents during the debrief.

We prioritize the safety of all participants. Our studio is equipped with age-appropriate art materials, and our growth coaches ensure a safe environment by providing guidance and supervision throughout the sessions.

Yes, we have received positive feedback from participants who have participated in our Therapeutic Art program. We are still gathering more testimonials and sharing success stories of how our program has positively impacted the emotional well-being and artistic growth of children.

Absolutely! At stART Studio, we believe in nurturing artistic talent. We offer advanced art classes for children who wish to further develop their skills. Additionally, we provide information about local art events where children can showcase their talents if they are interested. 

To register your child for our Therapeutic Art sessions, you can visit our website or contact our studio directly. We recommend registering early as spots can fill up quickly. While we don't have a strict registration deadline, it is best to secure your child’s spot in advance to avoid disappointment.

We understand the importance of making art education accessible to all children. While we don’t offer financial aid or scholarships at the moment, we encourage you to reach out to us and discuss your situation. We may be able to explore alternative options or provide guidance on available resources.

Yes, our Therapeutic Art program incorporates age-appropriate art projects and themes that are designed to stimulate creativity and personal expression. Our growth coaches carefully select projects that align with each age group’s developmental stage and interests, ensuring an engaging and enriching experience for your child.

At stART Studio, our philosophy is centered around fostering creativity, emotional well-being, and personal growth through art. We believe in providing a nurturing and non-judgemental environment where children can freely express themselves. Our approach combines therapeutic techniques, skill development, and exploration of various art mediums to inspire imagination and self-discovery.

We hope these answers provide you with a better understanding of our Therapeutic Art program at stART Studio. Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We look forward to welcoming your child and igniting their artistic journey!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at hello@startstudio.sg

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