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Hear from our customers

"I am very thankful for the very patient teacher, Lily, going the extra mile to guide Kyson. He looks forward to his art classes weekly. Thanks again!"

- Branson Lee

"I like how Nicole engages with our child during the lesson, very attentive and encouraging. The small class size is very suitable for my little one too."

- Josephine CHOO

"Thank you teachers who have introduced me to new sketching and painting techniques. I am an adult that have never paint before! Haha, I'm no expert yet, but classes with pleasant classmates have been enjoyable."


"My son was having a hard time in primary school, until I met teacher Elfin. She helped Jonas to realise his talents and potential. His school teachers even gave us wonderful feedback about his change of behaviours. I thank Elfin and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help with their special needs child."


"Nur has become very confident in interacting with the bigger children. She is also now a happy child and is very warm and outgoing...only been in the program for five months."


"Interesting and commendable program. Personalised coaching; Shane has some anxiety issues and teachers are caring and attentive towards his needs, which allowed him to gain confidence gradually."

- Chen Yin

Elfin has truly been a remarkable support for my child with special needs. Their approach is not only encouraging but also incredibly empowering and patient, which has made all the difference in my child's progress. Despite the fact that we reside in the East and the commute spans a lengthy 1.5 to 2 hours each way, Elfin's dedication has made every minute of travel worthwhile. I can't help but give a resounding thumbs up to Elfin for their outstanding commitment and impact.


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