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Alright, let's talk about something crucial for parents—understanding your child. It's like Parenting 101, and it's a game-changer in being a winning guide for your kid as they grow up.

Remember, your child’s unique personality will stick around for life.

One way to unravel the essence of your child is to observe them in their natural element - while they do their thing—sleep, eat, play. Look for the stuff that stays the same. What activities make them light up? Are they cool with changes, or do they need some time to get used to new stuff? This stuff is pretty normal for kids, and yours is no exception.

Now, talking to your kids is a big deal. Especially with the little ones, you don't need a ton of words. Check their facial expressions and body language. Ask them stuff, but not the usual boring questions. Instead of "What happened at school?" go for "What cool thing did you build with your blocks today?" Skip the generic "Did you play with your friend?" and dig into the specifics of the game they played.

Another trick involves surveying their surroundings. Family, friends, teachers, the neighbourhood, and home life all contribute to your kid's behaviour. If your kid exhibits aggressive tendencies at school, it’s detective time. Investigate whether they are influenced by another child with a more impulsive nature. Home environment matters too – evaluate recent family conflicts or heated moments. Consider the community context. These perspective may unveil why your kid is expressing their inner aggressor.

Oh, and don't forget to observe other kids their age. Books, the internet, or a child development class—these are gold mines for understanding what's normal for their age group. Remember, you were once a kid too, so their behaviour is like déjà vu. But hey, everyone's pace of growing up is unique.

Understanding your kid's development is like having the cheat codes to parenting. You'll know what toys and opportunities boost their growth and prep them for the next level. And hey, you get to set some ground rules that align with both of you.

Being a parent is no joke, especially when work consumes a chunk of your time.  Finding quality time is like hunting for treasure in a jungle of deadlines and diapers. Success in parenthood may feel elusive, but here's the secret sauce—understanding your kid. It's the power move that turns you into a parenting Rockstar.

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